Nabucco reviews London

Jan | 15 | 2022

Mark Pullinger for Bachtrack: “…the best complete performance of the evening came from Alexander Vinogradov as Zaccaria. A true basso cantante, he spun gorgeous lines in the prophet’s prayers, singing with real nobility. “

Gavin Dixon for TheArtsDesk: “The standout performance of the first act was Alexander Vinogradov as the prophet Zaccaria. He has a huge, deep voice and rich, velvety tone. “

Sam Smith for Opera Online: “Alexander Vinogradov reveals a highly appealing and secure bass that makes his portrayal of Zaccariaquite exceptional.”

Adrian York for London Unattached: “Vinogradov brings humanity to the portentous role of Zaccaria with a wonderful resonant clarity to his voice that invokes the spirit of Hebrew cantors long gone. “

Michael Chrurch for iNews: “The singing of Alexander Vinogradov’s high priest Zaccaria is a constant delight, his basso profundo anchoring the production. “

George Hall for The Stage: “(Nabucco’s) empowered but varied vocalism is exactly what is required, and the same might said of Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov as Nabucco’s chief opponent, the Jewish prophet Zaccaria; he too gives an object lesson in bel canto singing. “

Claire Seymour for Opera today: “As the High Priest Zaccaria, Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov’s vocal warmth and comforting weight impressed. When he urged the Israelites to stay steadfast and pray to their God, there was real conviction and spiritual certainty in his phrasing and vocal colouring. “

Joe Sable for Jewish Chronicle: “Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov is an impressively resonant Zaccaria, the prophet and high priest. “