Ernani reviews Melbourne

Jun | 1 | 2021

HEATHER LEVISTON FOR CLASSICMELBOURNE:  “There is also nothing like hearing glorious Verdi voices in situ. All principal singers gave outstanding performances; it is worth taking out a loan just to hear Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov. Now that we are unable to travel overseas to hear some of the world’s finest singers, we can be doubly thankful that they have come to us. It was difficult to reconcile his role of what his niece and intended bride, Elvira, calls “quest’odiato veglio” (that odious old man) with such a manly, seductive voice. There was no hint of insecurity or weakness in the voice and little in his physical portrayal of Don Ruy Gomez de Silva. He was deservedly accorded the most enthusiastic reception of the evening during the curtain calls, and at the conclusion of his big Act 1 aria “Infelice!” (Unhappy man) when Silva discovers Ernani and Don Carlo trying to make off with his betrothed.“

Stephanie Chin for Lilithia Reviews: “Last but not least, there is Alexander Vinogradov. I already praised his performance in Aida, but in Ernani he is even more phenomenal. His soothing operatic bass vocals are some of the best in the business, and his emotive facial expressions of frustration and sorrow during his portrayal of Silva are unmatched. My mind can’t comprehend how Vinogradov can go from one production role to another every night. Colour me in awe – because that is no ordinary feat.“

Gregory Pritchard for : ” Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov is appearing in both this production and Aida in repertory for OA. He moves with grace and ease between roles and asserts himself as a central figure each time he is on stage. His role in this opera in extensive and his many solos were received with loud approbation. Mr Vinogradov’s performance was a highlight of the evening and we can only hope that the company is again able to welcome him to its ranks.“

Alex First for The Blurb: “Operatic bass Alexander Vinogradov, as Silva, speaks volumes with his facial expressions as well as his extraordinary musical prowess that captivated the opening night audience.”

Paul Selar for Australian Arts Review: “He may be old but de Silva is up for anything. And so is Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov who leads an excellent and well-matched cast…  Nothing seems to phase Vinogradov’s fabulously mountainous-voiced de Silva. Master of a lavish palace, de Silva is brought to intriguing life with Vinogradov’s outstanding performance.”

Paricia Maunder for “Arts Hub”: “Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov is a compelling Silva, both as an actor and singer. A standout in an Aida…, here he can really show off the control, refinement and beautiful burnished timbre of his voice, and also give dignity to a character one could easily despise.”