Don Carlo | Greek National Opera | Athens

    2019 | Dec 08, 13, 15, 19, 21, 28 | 2020 | Jan 02, 05

    “Don Carlo”, based on Friedrich Schiller’s play of the same title, is a grandiose opera full of impressive arias, duets and compelling ensembles, but at the same time also a work with deeply human characters, who struggle to achieve a balance between their feelings and duty. Its multi-level political dimension, with the conflict between secular power and church, and, at the same time, between liberalism and absolutism, was of particular interest to Verdi, especially at a time when the modern Italian state was being formed.

    Filippo II: Alexander Vinogradov
    Don Carlo: Marcelo Puente
    Rodrigo: Tassis Christoyannis / Dimitri Platanias
    The Grand Inquisitor: Rafal Siwek
    Elisabeth of Valois: Barbara Frittoli / Cellia Costea
    Princess Eboli: Ekaterina Gubanova / Elena Zhidkova